Freelance Kitchen Designer 

Have your kitchen designed by someone who knows how to!

Peter Earthy is an Independent Kitchen Planner from England … he certainly knows how to!

If you are planning your own kitchen and thinking about buying it online, you may need some free help and advice.

If you need a little help, feel free to drop me a line … | Contact Me | … it would be great to hear from you.

Kitchen Designer Example 2

I offer a refreshingly new way of buying your new kitchen, and yet as an independent kitchen designer … I don’t sell anything.

But, I guess that is entirely the point.

Where you buy your kitchen from is none of my concern (because I don’t sell them).

My only concern is to help you design a kitchen that you will be delighted with, and then make it easy for you to order it!

When we have finalised the design I will provide you with a Kitchen Design Pack that contains all the information you will need to successfully buy your new kitchen.

Most of my clients save loads of money buying their kitchens online – I help guide them through the process and make it easy for them to place their order.

Peter Earthy

Independent Kitchen Designer

Independent Kitchen Designer ??? – what’s that all about?

Having your kitchen designed by a freelance kitchen planner is a relatively new concept (They work for you – not the people you are buying the kitchen from).

The main advantage is that as they are not tied to any particular retailer or supplier they can be completely frank and honest about what works and … what doesn’t.

Their income doesn’t depend upon whether you buy the kitchen, or not, so they don’t have to pressure you into making decisions you are not 100% sure about (just to earn their commission).

So, there are no “the sales about to end” to worry about, no “prices that are going up on Monday” to be concerned with, no “we only have one date left, and it’s first come first served” or any other “crap sales tactic’s” to deal with.

A Freelance kitchen designer is normally very experienced, and able to help you make the right decisions (without the sales pitch).

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