Kitchen Design Service

You will find my Kitchen Design Service somewhat different to the traditional way of doing this.

Hopefully, you are going to find it a refreshing approach – that makes buying your kitchen an easy and enjoyable exercise.

My Kitchen Design Service is going to provide you with a Kitchen Design Pack, containing all the information you will need to make buying your kitchen a simple thing to do …

Your Kitchen Design Pack will contain:

  • A fully dimensioned and annotated Floor Plan
  • Dimensioned Flat Wall Elevation Drawings
  • 3D Colour Perspective Drawings
  • A specialist Worktop Drawing
  • A Complete Parts List of everything you need to order

In fact, everything your Kitchen Supplier, Worktop Supplier, Kitchen Appliance Supplier, and Kitchen Fitter could ever need!


Kitchen Plan Example

My Kitchen Design Service¬† “process” is as follows:

  • You supply me with some information about your room, and appliance/cabinet requirements
  • I prepare a provisional kitchen design and email you images of it
  • We chat about the design, and “tweak” it until you are happy (as many times as you want)
  • I prepare a final set of drawings and email them over to you
  • You approve the design when you have looked it over and are happy with it
  • I then prepare your Kitchen Design Pack – based upon the final agreed design
  • You can then send your new detailed Kitchen Design Pack to any supplier in the country to get quotes
  • Sit back at your leisure, and compare the quotes … making your purchasing decisions without being pressured into anything! (and without having to traipse around countless showrooms to get comparison quotes


What I need to know from you …

In order to help you plan your new kitchen there are a number of things I need from you:

1. A basic dimensioned room plan, showing …

  • Wall dimensions (and floor to ceiling height)
  • Position of Windows, Doors, Hatches, and any ceiling slopes, etc.
  • Position of any obstructions (Boiler, Stop Cock, Gas/Electric Meters, Electrical Fuse Board,

2. Type of Kitchen you would like …

  • Doors style (Flat Slab, Shaker, Raised Panel, Handleless, etc.)
  • Wall Cabinet heights (Small, Medium, Large)
  • Special Products (Glass Doors, Curved Doors, Bi-fold Doors, Worktop Dressers, etc.)

3. Type of Worktop you want…

  • Laminate
  • Solid Wood
  • Quartz
  • Granite
  • Porcelain
  • Glass

Types of Kitchen Appliances wanted …

  • Whether Built-in (Eye Level) or, Built-Under (the Worktop)
  • Integrated, or Free Standing, or a mixture of both
  • Full list of required appliances – I don’t need to know model numbers at this stage – but if (for example) you wanted a Range Cooker – just let me know you want a Range Cooker, Dual Fuel, 1100mm Wide

Type of Sink …

  • Inset (dropped into Laminate, or Solid Wood)
  • Under-mounted (fitted under a solid worktop such as Quartz, Granite, or Porcelain)
  • Belfast
  • Number of Bowls (Single, Double, or Prep Only

Type of work …

  • Replacing the existing kitchen – using the same space – are you able to take some simple photos of the existing room?
  • New extension- new space – do you have a Scaled Architects’ Drawing I could have a copy of?

Colours …

  • General room colour scheme (Floor, Walls, etc)
  • Kitchen Cabinet colours
  • Kitchen Worktop Colours


It may seem to be a bit of work to do – but the more info you can provide, the more realistic my Kitchen Design Service will make the resulting images

Please find shown below some examples of how to produce the information I need …

Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room
Kitchen Designer - Blank Room

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